J. Michael Roney, Managing Partner


As the founder of Roney Company (www.roneyco.com), J. Michael Roney has consistently been recognized as one of the top financial professionals in the country for over 46 years. He is a life and qualified member of the M.D.R.T., a member of the Top of the Table and Court of the Table, distinctions earned only by the top 450 life underwriters in the world. As a top industry leader and respected member of the community, Michael is frequently sought after as a leading speaker and media spokesperson on issues of financial and estate planning. He will show you how to preserve your wealth for generations to come by reducing and eliminating unnecessary taxation of your Estate. (You earned it. We help you keep it.) His ideas are clear, concise, and understandable… the “plain vanilla” approach. 








Catherine Wang, Partner


As the President of Axis Global Financial Inc., Ms. Catherine Wang has more than 20 years’ experience in Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and Insurance and Retirement Planning.

        In 2006, Catherine starts to dedicated in Pension, Retirement and Estate Planning.

        With years of well established connection between Pacific Rim and U.S.

        Catherine aim to focus on "International Asset Protection" and "Pre-immigration,

        Post-immigration tax planning".

•             Register with Securities and Exchange Commission

•             Member of NASD, SIPC

•             Estate & Charitable Planning Advisor

•             Specialize in Wealth Management, Insurance & Retirement planning

•             In 1996 - 2000, served as Principal of WMA Securities, Inc.

•             In 2001-2005, served as RR at Would Financial Group, NY

•             In 2006-2009, served as Vice President at UCB Investment Securities, Inc.











Kurt Gillhaus, CLU, ChFC


Kurt Gillhaus has been a successful business professional for over 20 years in the life insurance and financial services industries. He has achieved a rare blend of both sales & marketing (“field”) and financial management & support (“corporate”) skills. He has improved sales and results at all levels through the development and successful implementation of innovative domestic and international strategies and programs at firms including The Prudential, Life Solutions International and National Financial Partners. He possesses a proven track record of building significant results in domestic and international new markets as well as established markets at local and national levels.


He also developed an industry leading product distribution network consisting of productive and quality-screened independent firms including broker-dealers, insurance BGA’s, GA’s, PPGA’s, IMO’s and premier agent segments for insurance carriers.


Mr. Gillhaus also achieved significant success in the areas of image and brand creation in the life insurance markets resulting in agreements with top banks and investment banks as well as financial product distribution institutions throughout the nation and with capital/banking firms around the world.


At the regional level, he developed regional marketing programs and capabilities within each field agency that improved sales, productivity, recruiting and persistency results throughout territory. He established joint marketing programs with bankers and securities traders, and developed ethnic marketing programs to penetrate the emerging Asian and Hispanic populations that resulted in significant sales increases at a time when the national company and insurance industry were experiencing significant declines. As part of this process, he developed consistent customer acquisition and retention activities that improved client persistency in all agencies across territory for territory and field offices with a client base of 1.5 million clients and a P&L with a $250 million revenue stream and operating costs of $30 million and consisting of 700 sales professionals, 120 sales managers, and 150 support staff.


Mr. Gillhaus was also involved in the creation and implementation of innovative charitable donation programs with small business owners to generate much-needed funds to local charities that serve the needs of youth activities and educational institutions.


Mr. Gillhaus is currently leading an international effort to develop international life insurance, wealth accumulation and asset protection specialty markets to make innovative products available to advisors for their clients worldwide.







Lion Street Advisors


Lion Street a national financial services distribution company owned by fiercely independent financial advisors who specialize in financial solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, business owners, and corporate clients.



The Wolfe Law Group
Gary S. Wolfe, Esq.


Gary S. Wolfe received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School in 1982, where he was President of the Tax Law Society.

From 1982 through the present, Gary has been in private practice in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Gary is an international tax attorney representing clients for IRS audits, international tax planning, and asset protection.

Previously, Gary was the managing partner of a tax and business law firm, which represented Fortune 500 companies (IBM, ITT) and financial institutions (Sterling Bank, First Charter Bank.) Gary now provides case management for international litigation.

In 1997, Gary completed the Team Beverly Hills civic leadership training.

From 1997-1999 Gary was Vice-President and Member of the Board of Trustees of The Greystone Foundation, Beverly Hills, California.

From 1995-2001, Gary was the Chief Financial Officer and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Le Faubourg Honore Homeowners Association, Beverly Hills, California.

Since 2004, Gary has been conducting private seminars throughout California on the IRS, International Tax and Asset Protection.

In 2010 Gary started a video channel, thetaxchannel.org, devoted to international tax issues.

Gary is an international tax lawyer representing clients for IRS audits, International Tax planning, and Asset protection.

In 2013, after 10 years of research, Gary internationally published 10 articles and 5 books on the IRS and related topics.