Pre-Immigration Planning 


Based on the latest report, 75% of the EB-5 investors (families) are from China. These families will be faced with a series of issues in regards to how to legally transfer assets abroad, how to ensure their financial privacy, and how to balance the asset allocation and reduce financial risks.


As a US professional service specialized in high net worth financial planning, we fully take into account and acknowledge the urge for advanced asset and tax planning by those EB5 applicants and their families. Having a consolidated more than 60 years’ experience in financial planning, we hope that our professional services in US taxation, investment and trust, would play an important role in helping those Chinese families who are going to immigrate to the US, as well as those have already become US residents, with comprehensive analysis and planning of their oversea assets (outside the U.S.), and better allocation of their asset.


It’s essential to do your financial planning in advance before you become apply to become a US resident,  so that  you can benefit from products offered to foreigners only that US residents will never enjoy. By locking up those advantageous products, you will be prevented from losing your assets by US taxation but instead will accumulate your assets with ZERO risk. Advantages include:


  • Currency risk protection
  • Fixed/guaranteed rates of return
  • Asset Protection & Wealth Accumulation
  • Privacy
  • Liquidity
  • Tax Advantage


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