International Asset Protection Program


Lighthouse Financial Group works with international advisors and their clients to diversify and protect assets utilizing U.S. and international products that provide protection, wealth accumulation and tax favored treatment with highly rated and financially strong insurance carriers. We can offer you a platform of products and options designed to:


  •          Diversify into $US assets
  •          Protect assets outside of your country of residence
  •          Accumulate wealth in tax favored life insurance products  
  •          Create a wealth accumulation program by taking advantage of competitive rates of return
  •          Generate a steady income that can be used during retirement years or for any future purpose

By working with highly rated and experienced firms with as much as 100 years of experience in the international marketplace, Lighthouse Financial Group. can provide optimal solutions for international clients seeking diversification, protection and accumulation.


These assets provide all of the benefits of life insurance including tax-favored treatment, benefit amounts and wealth accumulation while also providing very competitive guaranteed rates of accumulation and above average market rates of return.


Lighthouse Financial Group’s program also provides convenience for clients by providing options to acquire these assets in or near their country of residence, while visiting the United States or in international jurisdictions based on the clients’ needs.


Contact us to learn more about these valuable financial opportunities and for an analysis of your needs without any obligation.