About Us


Whether you are a multinational business or an individual with international connections, Lighthouse Financial Group (“Lighthouse Group) provides you with tax-free growth and distributions so you can leverage your current financial success and pass it on to future generations without affecting their current and future lifestyle. Our specialty is tax planning, specifically in the areas of Wealth Accumulation and Estate Planning for high net-worth families and closely held corporations.


If you are good at making money, we are good at helping you keep it”, we provide our foreign national clients with diversified financial solutions utilizing U.S. and international products that provide protection, wealth accumulation and tax favored treatment with highly rated and financially strong insurance carriers.


Our estate planners also assist high and mid net worth foreign nationals with the creation of complex multi-generational wealth transfer estate and wealth preservation plans that utilize multiple techniques. 





 We have extensive experience in advising high and mid net worth individuals with assets on both sides of the international border. These individuals often have special planning and tax issues because of the location and nature of their assets, and their status as non U.S. citizens, non-U.S. residents, or both.


An important part of multi-generational planning is lifetime transfers. We prepare specialized trust and business entities to receive lifetime transfer designed either to avoid or reduce transfer taxation or to maximize available exemptions from such taxation.


Having developed strong alliances with our advisors and carriers over the years, we help our clients achieve the highest returns on their investment. Further, by embracing industry specific technology early on, garnering strategy network partnerships, Lighthouse Group maintains a strong and competitive edge in the financial service marketplace.